A Meaningful Prayer

Sorry for the delay in updating. My husband is out of town on business, and it's hard to find the time to write anything when you're home alone with a 16 month old 24 hours a day with no help.

I took the baby to the mega-church on Sunday after dropping my husband off at the airport. Because of the time change, there was no way he would have lasted through the 10:15 AM service at the Anglican church. That's naptime. So we went to our old church, and what do you know, we scored one of the four days a year (or so) that they actually did communion! I really felt like God was looking out for me and honoring my desire to worship Him by partaking of Holy Communion in addition to attending church and reading/living His Word.

Anyway, there's nothing much happening on my spiritual front right this second (ed. note: famous last words, part II) because I'm too exhausted to do anything but pray right now. But on the subject of prayer, I came across this beautiful prayer that someone calling him/herself "Knitting a Conundrum" posted here after contemplating the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector:

Forgive us, Lord,
For all the hours of speculating
on the mechanics of your grace
instead of living as salt and light,
your beacons to a dark and sinful world.

Forgive us Lord,
for all the hours we argue
about the right method of prayer
instead of praying,
humble and grateful.

Forgive us Lord,
For all the ways
We cut those who are different than we,
Instead of seeing them as beloved by you,
and deserving of our love.

Forgive us Lord
For all the ways we try to decide
if a person is deserving of our help
instead of seeing him
as sent by you
so we can act with the love you taught us.

Forgive us, Lord,
for all of the petty ways we subvert your word.
Fill our hearts,
cleanse us of the darkness
that keeps us from you,
from being your tool
this day and always,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely prayer. One I need to listen to and take to heart!

God bless you!


11/01/2005 11:01:00 PM  

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