Oh, she was only kidding about that baby murder thing ....

Follow up to an earlier post:

If she's now telling the truth (see, the thing about liars is you never know when to believe them), then I am thankful that no babies were sacrificed for her pathetic attempt at "art." However, I am somewhat perplexed at the reaction from Yale. If she had really done what she said she did, it would have violated an ethical standard? They would have been concerned for her mental health? On what grounds? If abortion is okay once, why is it not okay a dozen times? How many babies can a woman murder before Yale thinks she has a problem?

I would be amused at the ethical contortions of those pro-aborts who have commented on this story if the subject matter was less grave.

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Artist, or Serial Killer?

Only in our messed up world would society's answer be "both." Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.


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On the bright side, I think I just found a bright side to the fact that I didn't get tickets to the Papal mass .... I won't have to be there while this nonsense is going on.

I would ask if these politicians even care a little bit about the state of their souls, but just a glance at the headline really tells all on that point.

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Will Bush do the Blair thing?

So, with the Papal visit and accompanying media circus in full swing, the Big Rumor is that President Bush has been wading his way across the Tiber for the last several years and just may convert once his term is up. I'm a bit skeptical, but I would have been a bit skeptical of my own conversion if I'd heard it as a rumor beforehand, too.

On the one hand, I pray for President Bush that he will embrace the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church. I'm all for restoring the body of believers, one convert at a time. That said, I find myself feeling the same frustration I had with Tony Blair -- if he's converted in his heart, what's with the delay in acting on it?

I know, all things in God's good time, but the man knew he wanted to be a Catholic and put it off until politically convenient. And if that's not what he did, he at least had to know it would look that way. So he's either spineless or .... well, I don't know what. In charity, I will assume he had his reasons to wait. But in general, I'm a firm believer that when you realize the truth about the Church, you don't sit on your hands and do nothing until the timing is perfect. Was it the Ethiopian eunuch who said "Baptize me NOW!"? I want to see that kind of reckless abandon from world leaders who make this decision. Be a fool for Christ. Set the example. The world is watching.

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Thought for the Day

Beauty this awesome cannot be random.

(For a detailed explanation of the above image, click here.)

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