Mark Shea at his finest

On Teaching the Theology of the Body.


"... the body is not a mere machine, or an unusually clever piece of meat, or an apparatus used to gain a particular sensory experience, or a Tupperware container for the soul, or a thing completely unrelated to the true union of souls, or the mere "animal" part of us unrelated to our "heart" or "mind." Rather, the body is the very window of the soul, with its own language that speaks more deeply than we can with words. When God wished to speak His ultimate Word to us He sent, not a telegram, but a baby — at Bethlehem. The ultimate form of speech is the body. And so the body and the things we say with it matter."



Pfizer cashes in the lives of poor African children for the chance to make money off of rich American ones

Totally evil.

Of course, this is the kind of thing that happens when you have a worldwide culture that says only the lives of the wanted, convenient and healthy are worth living. Color me not surprised in the slightest that someone decided the lives of poor, ill Africans were expendable for the sake of "progress." And lying about it? Totally acceptable when it's for "the greater good" as imagined by progressives everywhere.

This is not a corporate greed problem. This is a soul-of-a-generation problem. Greed that trumps ethics is only a symptom -- the culture of death is the sickness. Too bad the smart people at Pfizer can't come up with a vaccine for that.

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