Jezebel -- Back And Better Than Ever!

Touchstone Magazine reports that Fortress Press, the publisher owned by the ever-evolving (yeah, that's the word) Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has released a book called The Jezebel Letters, making a feminist case for Jezebel as a strong, positive female leader.

Apparently, the Fortress press release stated that the book "transforms the stereotype of the notorious biblical queen into a more historically based portrayal of a powerful, literate royal woman."

Uh huh. Because just making things up is way more "historical" than believing the "stereotypes" of the Holy Bible.

The sound you hear? That's me, banging my head on the keyboard, lamenting the dizzying spiral into apostasy of the church I grew up in. Or it might be Luther spinning in his grave. One or the other. Sigh.


Anonymous cjmr said...

I sometimes think that if Luther would come back today, he'd feel totally comfortable with the modern Roman Catholic Church and wonder why it was that the ELCA thinks it is holding true his beliefs.

10/25/2005 03:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anne in VA said...

Such a funny post!
Who's next to be whitewashed, Judas?
He's really very misunderstood I hear.

10/25/2005 03:46:00 PM  

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