ECUSA Continues its Downhill Slide into Irrelevancy

The latest:

Episcopalians endorse evolution. Notable not so much for the fact of it as for the reasoning behind it. "Scientists say it, it must be true." Boy is that a slippery slope. This is a church we're talking about. Isn't it their job to filter scientific theory through the lens of faith, and not the other way around?

So, the ECUSA:

1) No longer believes in Jesus as savior.
2) No longer believes God created Earth.
3.) No longer believes Scripture to be true (see: homosexuality, female priests, Jesus "just a good guy," Earth not divine in origin).

At what point does the ECUSA lose their tax-exempt church status and make the final legal transformation into just another social club of pseudo-intellectuals getting together once a week for wine and crackers?

Because I'm not really seeing the "religion" thing working for them anymore.

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